2022 Film & Television Rankings (Top 10 +20 more)

This year I attended the Cannes Film Festival(!!!!!), attended many advance screenings, and saw films in Minneapolis, LA, NYC, Tampa, Cairo, Cannes. This was a real year of surprise and discovery. The things I was familiar with didn’t do a lot for me, so I decided to go blind into a lot of unknowns without even watching the trailer, and those are mostly the things that made it onto these lists. I feel like my top 10/30 really encapsulates me as a person. The lover of spectacle, the hopeless romantic, the laugher, the crier, the existentialist....

Blackness & George Floyd in a Black Immigrant Family: No Language to Grieve

It has now been two full weeks since George Floyd was brutally murdered by police just miles from me. A few days ago I heard a character on TV declare quite matter-of-factly that “mothers always know!” It struck me that I was supposed to nod my head and agree that, indeed, mother always knows, but I was left entirely uneasy that I didn’t. For the next day, I was plagued with confusion as to why and just how long I felt that way.